Installation of Basotect® wall and ceiling elements

Notes on the installation of wall and ceiling elements made of Basotect®

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Acoustic elements made by platino24 GmbH - sound absorbers for walls and ceilings

Our newly developed "Colore" rail brings colour into play without you having to forego the excellent values achieved by the acoustic foam Basotect G+ ® from BASF. Precisely shaped by us, you can combine the various acoustic elements of this product range as you please. In this way, utility and design are brought into harmony. The simple assembly enables anyone to install them quickly. Sound absorbers for walls and ceilings improve room acoustics and ensure more quiet and wellbeing.

Mode of action of the sound absorbers

The open-cell structure of Basotect G+ ® ensures the unhindered penetration of sound waves into the acoustic elements. The cell structure reduces the sound energy, the sound waves are no longer (or are greatly reduced) thrown back into the room as reverberation. The sound absorbers therefore provide a more pleasant background noise. The acoustic elements are preferably mounted on walls and ceilings.

What are room acoustics, what do acoustic elements do?

Room acoustics are always an issue when many people are in the same room, there is a high basic noise level, we want to listen to music in a relaxed way or set up a high-quality home cinema, for example. Especially in modern buildings, glass and concrete often predominate. The floor, walls and ceiling reflect sound unhindered, and the room acoustics are perceived as unpleasant. Reverberation and echo cause discomfort. Suitable acoustic elements take the sound harshness out of walls and ceilings. Sound absorbers provide better room acoustics.

Possible applications for sound absorbers

The acoustic elements can generally be installed as sound absorbers on walls and ceilings of interior rooms. Sound absorbers are particularly efficient in open-plan offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, seminar rooms, law firms and doctors' surgeries. Kindergartens, nurseries, primary schools and architects are among our customers. The sound absorbers also provide an unclouded listening experience in music rooms, home cinemas and hi-fi studios. Attached to the wall and / or ceiling, they unfold their effect.

How should the elements be arranged?

The sound absorber elements are best attached to the wall and / or ceiling. Example training room, tables in rows, lecturer in front as speaker: The elements are mounted at head height (sitting) on 2 opposite walls, starting at some distance from the lecturer, mainly in the area of the audience. When sound waves hit the absorbers, always a part is absorbed and a part is reflected again (also over the remaining wall surface). Each time the sound hits the absorbers, the noise and reverberation is reduced. It becomes quieter and more pleasant in the room.
For a rich sound in the home cinema, we recommend placing them to the side as well as above the seating, i.e. on the walls and on the ceiling, to create a sound-absorbing shell. The sound will be clear because hardly any sound will be reflected over the wall.
So for effective results, it is important to interrupt how paths of sound waves by cleverly placing the sound absorbers. Just imagine that the sound waves are a billiard ball. They also keep bouncing off walls and ceilings and reflecting into the room. So the most affected surfaces in the room should be fitted with the absorbers.
If you would like advice on this, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you with our years of experience.