We have taken a lot of time to develop our new "AcousticToffees".
Our acoustic cream candy for you!

Platino24 stands for quality and well thought-out solutions. We check and test our products thoroughly and test our products thoroughly in order to meet our high quality standards.

With our dyed-through absorbers in fresh colours, you can design creative patterns to match your your rooms. Just as you like.

The material, made of firmly pressed acoustic fibres, is highly efficient in sound absorption, extremely long-lasting extremely durable, extremely robust, recyclable and flame retardant.

platino24 offers acoustic solutions MADE IN GERMANY. We see the optimisation of acoustics in private or public areas is what we see as our task.




Examples of use

Broadband absorbers, room acoustics, school, music room, pubs, restaurants, home cinema, rehearsal room, reverberation reduction, nursery, children's room, law firms, treatment rooms, hi-fi systems, car interiors, mobile homes, industrial applications, meeting rooms and many more.


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